Bontrager Saddle Verse Short Pro 155mm Black

Art.Nr.  5254986
Größe: Länge=250 mm;155 mm
Farbe: Black
Gewicht: g
Geschlecht: Unisex

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Saddle Bontrager Verse Short Pro 155mm Black
A shorter profile elevates comfort across all riding positions for the top trim level of our most versatile performance saddle. Verse Elite’s targeted support and versatile design is ideal for all riders and genders. Carbon rails and a composite shell keep it ultra-light with added compliance. A full cutout ensures long-haul comfort, and Wing Flex allows the saddle shell's side edges adapt to riders’ inner leg movements and pelvic rotation.

Material: Strebe=Carbonfaser;Bezug=F-24 (Soft-Touch)